Thursday, September 23, 2010

NOT a Diary

The problem with trying to do a daily "diary" and the reason this isn't one is that I don't really have that interesting a life. When I am not out and about doing trainings, I am generally sat in my office trying to do some work. This can be anything from replying to enquiries, putting quotes together, doing some marketing for my upcoming courses or products, to speculating a bit by planning and designing future courses, products and books, etc.

It is the last one on that list that I am hoping this blog will help me with, as it is the one that takes up most of my time and the one I am most rubbish at!

I have even starting doing coaching sessions predominantly via Skype, after experimenting with it over the last year and half, I have found it an equally effective and more flexible (and cheaper, which means I can charge a little less), but it means I leave house even less than I did before!

This all means there are days I won't leave the house other than to walk the dogs or go for a run. I like it that way. I prefer the quiet life, that's why I do what I do. Darwin rarely left his house after the age of 35!

But it does mean the idea of a "daily diary" would fast become desperately dull, how often can I write "spent most of the day staring at a blank word document, sweating blood in the effort to write something, gave up and wasted hours doing nothing useful on the internet"...

That is why this is NOT a diary, but would prefer the title "Thoughts" like the late great Robert Anton Wilson.

Ironically, if this experiment works then I will spend less time staring at a computer screen and more time doing exciting things, which may give me more to write about here.

I spend so much of my time wishing that I was capable of just sitting down at my desk each day and work solidly for a good few hours (say as little as two or three), I could then relax and enjoying the rest of my day. If I could simply do that four or five days a week then I would get about ten times as much work done as I do now, but I can't and thus the work sneaks into my leisure time and eats up my day and allows me very little respite (and even then I am thinking about work).

Anyway, enough of my self pity, it is such an unattractive trait and I didn't start this blog to just say "Woe is me...", things certainly aren't as bad I as I have just made out, of course not, if they were I wouldn't be doing what I am doing, but I think it is a trait of anyone who works for themselves to have high expectations of their ability, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it.

The reason for this blog was, because recently, I have been terribly prone to procrastination and need to break that pattern. So here we are. And on that not so exciting note (not the best entry I have written, but it is only my third, I am still finding my feet here, give me a chance!), I am off to do something...


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