Thursday, September 30, 2010

Revision Syndrome

(I didn't write anything yesterday here, as it turned into my most recent "Deck Chair Diary" on my tortoiseknowsbest site)

It's odd. I hated working in an office, stuck at a computer, typing away all day. Now I work for myself, I generally spend most of my day sat at a computer, typing away...

This has brought on a syndrome I call "revision syndrome", any of you that has had to study for an exam (which I am guessing is most of you), should easily recognise this malady?

You sit there staring at you computer screen/notes/book/etc, not reading, not working, not doing anything, but you know you SHOULD be doing something, so instead of walking away and doing something else, something more useful, or something you actually want to do, you sit there staring at the screen/book/notes/etc, not actually doing anything at all...

So, to break that habit, I am off to read a book, bye for now


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