Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Been A While...

You may have noticed (if there is, in fact, anyone reading this), that I have not written an entry for some time. You may even think I have abandoned this as an ill fated experiment.


How wrong you are...

The idea of this blog was to help me get over writers block, to spur me on to do some work and help me focus.

My friends Robert Wringham (editor of the excellent New Escapologist magazine) warned me that there is a risk that the 'warm up' blog becomes 'the main project', so to try not to be a perfectionist over it, or focus too much on.

Taking that advice in hand, I only intend to write entries here when I am struggling to get going, losing focus or suffering from writers block.

Recently I have been motoring along quite well without the need to do a warm up.

Who know's what will happen in the future though, so watch this space!


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